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Mountain Nose

Mountain Nose

74-year old grandfather. Served with IVS, Vietnam, 1968-69 in II Corps/III Corps. Police-fire-court reporter for Holyoke (MA) Transcript. Editor for GTE NW "Newsworthy" paper. PA Officer (DAE) for FEMA, Region 10, 15 years. Member Poets West Society. Currently, substitute high school teacher, Everett, WA.

In the morning night
When streetlight shadows
Scramble rat-ways
Under parked cars
And rain, down pipes,
Taps the pavement
Like an impatient date,
Then radio music,
Drifting memory-thin
Over rural roads,
Sputters at its edges
And freight trucks
Swish the overpass,
Their beams streaking
Above my windshield:
A caravan of comets.

© Short Édition

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