Telran the Powercat

Ayaan Shokeen

Ayaan Shokeen

\Once, in another world, there was an ancient race called the Powercats, they were 5 immortal cats who fought for truth and justice. They each had different powers, Malter had strength, Louse could leap very high, Blem could blast energy beams out of his hands,Flen had speed and finally, Luth, the leader, was the wisest and he had amazing fighting skills. Their archenemy, Mad Rat, used to be an ordinary rat until one day, he was granted super intelligence, immortality and an evil mind by a potion that he accidently drank. One day, a sixth Powercat came. When he was a baby, the older Powercats found out that the sixth cat,Telran, had all of their powers. They raised him to fight for good and when he grew up he found out he was destined to defeat Mad Rat.

One day, at Mad Rat’s underground hidden lair, he was reading the newspaper and saw something about a rich crime boss named Python Snake. If I could work with him I could beat the Powercats easily, Mad Rat thought. He kept reading but his eyes caught the words “Python Snake lives at Snake hill”. Snake hill! That is only 3,000 miles away! Mad Rat thought. That’s nothing for my Rat Rocket!

Meanwhile, Python Snake was hiring 3 villains to steal gems for him, but he saw something at the window. It was like a flash. Just then, Python heard his doorbell ring. He opened it to see a rat. “What bringsss you here” Python said. “I have heard that you are very rich.” the rat said “ I am Mad Rat, an inventor. If you can hire some criminals, I can give them armor and we will be the most unstoppable force in the world.” “I like your plan” hissed Python. “Tell me what to do and I’ll do it.” “Okay then” said Mad Rat. “ I will tell you everything, everything, about the Powercats''. And he did.

That night when Telran was guarding the city he saw a flash a few miles away from snake hill.

He used his speed to get there in a blink of an eye and he was attacked by 4 armored villains! First, was a Rhino who’s armor looked very thick. Second, there was a Wolf who had spikes on his armor and his claws were very sharp. Third, there was a Chameleon who had lasers on his back and forth there was a Racoon who had robotic arms which had giant drills attached to them. Telran jumped super high when the Rhino attacked with his horn but then he saw the Chameleon behind him and jumped on a roof before the laser shot out. He used an energy beam to smash one of the lasers. While he was gasping for breath Telran saw the Racoon using his drill arms and laughing maniacally. Luckily, Telran dodged it with super speed and smashed both of the drills with strength. The Racoon realized that he was defenseless and tried to run away but Telran kicked him unconscious. But then he felt a prickle on his shoulder. It was the Chameleon! Telran used an energy beam to blast the Chameleon. Two were down, two more to go. He jumped high when the Rhino and the Wolf attacked at the same time. The two turned around but now it was Telran’s turn. He aimed an energy beam at the floor and the Wolf and Rhino were on the ground. Telran knew who made that armor, it was Mad Rat. Telran thought that Mad Rat didn’t have the money to hire 4 criminals. He thought and remembered that Python was super rich and he must have helped him. He went to that mansion and used an energy beam at it. But he was sure to use it weekly. When he saw the Python and Mad Rat he called the Police Dogs and they took them away. So now Mad Rat is in jail and the world of animals is safe and sound.

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