Bee the Voice of Change

Riddhiman Rana

Riddhiman Rana

Third Place Winner, Age 10-12 Category. San José Public Library | Spring into Poetry Contest 2023

It's a quiet sunny day in a beautiful city of peace
And in a small garden patch, a local gardener plants a small bunch of flowers
The fresh smell of thyme and lavender
Fills the polluted city air into the beautiful smell of nature
And all this while, the old man sitting in his bamboo chair, simply watches

As the little children play on the freshly cut grass
And as a yellow ball of fire emerges out of the clear blue sky dabbed with gray strokes of paint
The old man, simply watches

Suddenly the wind blows as the dandelions float
Far in the distance was the light buzzing of the bees growing louder as they came
While the little children ran away in fear
The old man turns his head and smiles gently

As they gently begin their work
On each flower one by one
Drinking their nectar and then buzzing to another
As the drops of pollen drop from one flower to another
Beginning the bloom of a beautiful garden preparing for spring

And the old man's chair gives away just a little
The old man just notices and then smiles some more

But suddenly, there was a pause in the moment
The wind stopped moving
The trees crept back in fear
While the little flowers stopped swaying
And the bees, stopped their lovely buzz
It was the farmers
And they had come, to collect them from nature

As they swept their nets and trapped all the bees in their box
While the little creatures furiously tried to fight against the net to no avail
Was this the end?
The old man sat up for the first time
And looked in shock, angry and furious

The sky turned gloomy, in shame of the bee farmers
The flowers turned pale and lost all color
The wind howled with rage as the leaves flew straight at them
But nothing could solve this tragedy now

The greedy farmers went off with thoughts of more crops
And more crops meant nothing, but money
Which was all they cared about
And all this while, the old man despite his anger, simply watched

Day upon day went by
The sun rose the next morning and set in the evening
But this little countryside town was no longer what it used to be
It was the pale dull town of gloom and darkness
The children no longer played in jolly anymore

While the old man simply waited for the bees to return
A year passed by
And then the next
Yet nothing had changed
It seemed that all had been lost to the bees
The old man could not watch such sorrow anymore
And for the first time in years...he sat up
He set his hand over his creasing forehead and looked far into the distance
Into an endless sight of dull and drooping nature
How lovely it had been when the bees had been there
How they would buzz and produce such wonderful crops
Yet today, there was nothing

That day, he gathered all the towns people and asked for a voice
A voice that would bring back the bees and restore balance to nature
And thus, they began their journey
Soon the towns children learned about it
Then even the elderly began to learn
And soon enough the whole town was buzzing about saving the bees
Yet something still felt missing
One day, as the old man sat in his chair he heard a very faint yet familiar sound
As he sat up and once again looked into the distance, he saw a small little bee buzzing away in the distance
And then, he smiled
For he knew, there was still hope

Third Place Winner, Age 10-12 Category. San José Public Library | Spring into Poetry Contest 2023

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