Breathing a New Spring

Shubhi Asthana

Shubhi Asthana

San José Public Library | Spring into Poetry Contest, 2021. Entry in the age 18+ category.

Welcome, my dear old friend, warm wishes to you,

Sweet season of delight, you have come to rescue.

In the past I greeted your arrival lukewarm,

Without enthusiasm, lost in my work, busy to care norm.

Not your fault, I just didn't understand your importance,

Didn't pause to wonder at your sunny cadence.

Having now been in lockdown for a year,

The dreary winter, the long nights, deplete of cheer.

Stuck at home, practicing social distancing,

Wearing a mask, armed with a hand sanitizer, sickening.

The coldness seeping in my living room,

Netflix or YouTube, nowhere else to look in the gloom.

Oh Yay!

With a whiff of goodness smell, suddenly you arrive,

I breathe the new Spring, cheering the alive!

Spring is here, Spring is here!

It is time to cheer!

The clouds are swirling in perfect wisps,

Birds have taken it upon themselves to make music.

I wave to the bees in the buttercups,

The sun kissing my skin, warm and soft.

Life begins to feel like nothing more than a dream,

How could I have ignored this beauty.

My heart is so lifted by your arrival, garden's delight,

Finding gifts in solace and joy in its sights.

Sweet interludes, bird songs raise my mood,

Cardinals, Thrashers, Hummingbird and Owls, cooed.

Amid this coronavirus crisis, apocalypse,

You bring me sanity, gratitude, and pure happiness.

Taken Mother Earth for granted, but never again,

Will treasure the gifts nature provides, thankful.

Breathing you, the new Spring!

It is here, and time to cheer!

Spring into Poetry Contest, 2021 - San José Public Library

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