Anirudh Satyam

Anirudh Satyam

Have you ever spent sleepless nights over something?
Knowing that the outcome might mean everything.
A million thoughts running in your mind, you're heavily breathing,
You expect the worst, it could be anything...

Ask yourself, will it matter 5 years down the line?
You won't have the answers – it's ok to whine.
Heck, you might be helpless but that's also fine.
You might have to wait, maybe today's not the day to shine...

Here's the thing, 5 years later,
Who decides which choice is better?
Life has varied paths, you're not the master,
Every tough decision is just another chapter.

Nothing is ever right or wrong,
Life is not a destination, it's just a path that's long.
The future works around it, nothing will eventually prolong.
Life has a weird way of working out, perfectly, all along.

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