Mr Twit (a poem based on The Twits by Roald Dahl)

Grace Bula

Grace Bula

Second Place | Age 8-9 Category | Spring into Poetry Contest 2024 | San José Public Library

I know a man who has a beard
that some might think is weird.
His beard is long and scruffy,
plus it's super very fluffy.
In his beard are bits of cheese,
apple, cracker, and peas oh please!
Some foods one should not mention
or it might create some tension.
For some foods are quite icky
but this little man is not picky.
His beard catches lots and lots of food
so then he is in a happy mood.
He also eats stuff like strawberries dipped in bug juice
the poor bugs will never get loose.
I hope this has taught you all 
to only grow a beard that's small!
This guy is called Mr. Twit
the jokes about him never quit!  

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