Our Spring Plan

Adam Sadi

Adam Sadi

First Place | Age 0-7 category | Spring into Poetry Contest 2024 | San José Public Library

my sister and I
we've got a plan
Spring is blooming
let's see what began

I hop on my bike
on hers she hops
I pedal away
but she just plops

"Come hurry Aya," I say
I'll show you a sight
a monarch on a blossom
before it takes flight

"I can't," she says
my wheels are stuck
my bike tipped over
I'm out of luck

"Argh," I say
butterflies won't wait
from Mexico they've flown
we can't be late

I turn back around
I push her up the hill
she finds her footing
we rush to the thrill

with wings so bright
and flowers so sweet
Spring's here for us
what a joyful treat

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