Pink Doors

Shana Phan

Shana Phan

First Place | Age 13-17 Category | Spring into Poetry Contest 2024 | San José Public Library

I despised the color pink
The blush that bursts on a woman's cheek
That bubblegum that sticks within every footstep
A lasting stain from a dragon fruit 
It was an infection, sickening every girl
Throwing their identities into a blender

Yet, I could not deny the color pink
It follows me like a puppy
A tail wagging in pure excitement 
The eyes filled with innocence and light 
That was the plan since my baby shower 
That was the color of my childhood

I do not want to admit my bow obsession 
Or my hot pink bedroom that is now hidden in blue
To match what was truly there all along
It is as much loss as the Barbies in the landfill
Their dresses that matched my princess shoes
Am I still ashamed?

Then, I must let it be known
Colors do not define one
It is only the encouragement 
To embrace one's individuality
Like a stranger who reveals their favorite color
Thus, opening a new door to peek through

I adore the color pink
The lipstick that stretches on a woman's lips
That lovely flower sticking out from the concrete 
A memorable taste of cotton candy
It is the unity of our people
Because there is no laws against sharing doors

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