The Deep End

Sarah Ng

Sarah Ng

First Place Winner; Age 8-9 Category. San José Public Library | Fall into Fiction Contest, 2022

"May I please be excused?" Amber asked. "Yes, you may... Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, you're scared of the deep end and you start picturing things in your mind..." Her mom said ."Yes, I'm sure, I already made up my mind, I'll have to do this sooner or later anyway." Amber said confidently. She put her bowl in the sink and raced upstairs to get changed. She grabbed her swimsuit and went to her room. A few minutes later, she slid down the stair railing and jumped down and raced into the backyard accidently slamming the screen door behind her .


"Amber! Please don't slam the door!" her dad called out after her. "Sorry!" Amber said. She took off her glasses and laid them next to her pink rabbit towel. She went to the diving board at the end of the pool in the deep end, took a deep breath and jumped right into her black bottom pool.

As she started descending down to the bottom of the pool, she noticed that the water was getting murkier with lots of algae. In the distance she saw something that looked like a sunken shipwreck. Huh!? How did that get down there? She wondered. As she neared, she realized it really was a shipwreck only she was hearing a grinding sound that chilled her bones.

Maybe I'll do this another day, this is too spooky Amber thought shakily as she started to go back up. As she looked up she realized she couldn't even see the surface of her pool! Maybe I'll just keep going down, I mean, I've already gone this far down... Amber thought as she looked down and saw the bottom of the pool only five feet from her. Suddenly, she saw a giant tentacle wrap around the ship and crushed it to dust! Out of all the debris swam...
Amber's eyes widened as she zoomed to the surface as fast as she could with her heart pounding what seemed like one billion times per millisecond! As she reached the transition from the deep end to the shallow end, she took a brief break. When she turned around she saw that the kraken was following her with his eyes glowing a menacing red with him being followed by bones... HUMAN BONES!

As she started zipping through the water again her mom came into the backyard and said "Amber! Are you oka-" Before she could finish her sentence Amber jumped out of the pool and ran to her mom and hugged her as tight as she could. "Are you okay sweetie? I was just going to go make cookies!"

"k-k-k-krakeeen...b-b-boness.....d-deep e-end.." Amber said shakily. "s-s-scar- Wait, did you say COOKIES!? " Amber said with her voice back to normal and her eyes and her mouth wide open. "Ye-" her mom didn't even finish and Amber was already gone. As she went upstairs to shower to get the chlorine out of her hair, she said out loud to herself, "Hmmm... now that I think about it...that was kind of fun!...It was sort of like Halloween... minus the candy and costumes of course."

The moment she finished drying her hair, as she stepped into the hallway, she was immediately hit with a wave of scent, the scent of freshly baked gingersnaps and chocolate chip cookies! She raced down the stairs and grabbed one of each cookie and gobbled them down in five seconds flat! When she went to bed she fell asleep thinking about her adventure in the deep end. She promised herself that she would never go to the deep end again... or would she?

First Place Winner; Age 8-9 Category. San José Public Library | Fall into Fiction Contest, 2022

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